Space Saving DIY Workbench
Posted On: 03-27-2017
Building a space-saving workbench by yourself adds extra storage and workspace to your garage or shed. Many people are creating additional space saving workbenches to work on craft projects or small household repairs. Most are done over the course of a weekend with little to no stress.   Before Starting DIY Workbench   Plan ahead. Before you start building your workbench, jot down what its...
5 Tips On Using Empty Overhead Space For Storage
Posted On: 03-24-2017
If your family keeps growing, the chances are that the amount of storage you have is decreasing. It’s time to get creative and figure out ways to finally utilize your overhead space for storage. Don’t be alarmed; these simple tips will get you are your way to finding a place for everything. There is something here for every budget and every skill level.   Many types of overhead racks make storing...
5 of the Coolest Shed Playhouses Ever
Posted On: 03-20-2017
What child doesn't dream of having a playhouse away from the routine of everyday life? Turning an outdoor shed into an oasis for your child’s imagination is possible at any budget. Research shows that unsupervised and unstructured play results in emotionally sounds adults. A playhouse promotes physical activity, group play, and creativity.   These shed playhouses will have your kids, or maybe...
Crazy Spaces: 7 Strange And Unique Uses of Storage Structures
Posted On: 03-15-2017
Backyard storage structures aren’t just for lawnmowers anymore. A storage structure could provide an entire room right in your backyard. There are many strange and unique ways in which people are transforming storage structures into dream worthy spaces. Many of these unique uses for storage structures require customization such as electrical work, so definitely check with a local contractor to...
New Year’s Resolutions: Top 10 Tips for Owning a Storage Structure
Posted On: 01-16-2017
As a new year begins, often we try to implement new and better habits. That can be applied to many areas of our life, including how we care for our property. In this blog post, we’ll share some top tips about outdoor structure ownership.  Choose a good location. Find level ground for your shed. This is literally the foundation of proper maintenance. Paint your unfinished wooden shed. It’s a best...